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Simply Abode focuses on food, home decor, and living in the city.

This site is the epitome of Ann and Phon, friends who have an appreciation for beautiful, uncomplicated living.  We’re both home-based entrepreneurs with families to take care of, so our lives are pretty full. Like you, our time is precious, so Simply Abode is designed to give you what you want without a lot of fuss.

We like easy-to-make, healthy and impressive-looking food, whether that’s the perfect dinner or a sexy slice of pie. Can pie be sexy? We think so. We also think a home can be simple, elegant, and cozy.

Life can be chaotic, so everything we do has to meet two criteria: it has to be simple and beautiful. And if it’s complicated? Well, we’ve probably got a hack for that, because life, right?

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see, would like to collaborate, or just want to say “Hi!” you can hit us up at: hello[at]simplyabode.com.

We hope you’ll visit often!


Ann & Phon

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