The Best Party Cocktails

  • December 15, 2017
Are you planning a holiday party or looking for a cocktail to wind down with after a long day? Here are some cocktail recipes for the holidays (or anytime) that you’ll enjoy. Cheers!

These are the best cocktails to serve at your holiday party or any party, really. They're also great to enjoy at home on your own!


When it comes to holiday entertaining, cocktails can be the star of the show. There’s something about a really good drink that can get people in a festive and celebratory mood—without being drunk! It was a tough job, but we took it upon ourselves to find some unique and tasty cocktails for your next shindig. They’re great to wow your guests with, or to enjoy during a quiet night at home.


The Big Sister

Image via Vanilla And Bean

This original recipe by Vanilla and Bean is based on the classic Moscow Mule. It’s a citrusy and zingy cocktail that uses ginger beer, and I like how it’s not too sweet. Your cocktail shaker will definitely be put to good use with this recipe!



Eggnog Butterscotch Russian Cocktail

Image via Confectionalism

The great thing about cocktails is you can change an ingredient to suit your tastes, and voilà, you’ve made your own creation. That’s what Confectionalism did with this Eggnog Butterscotch Russian Cocktail that is a winter-inspired take on a White Russian.



White Christmas Mojito

Image via Half Baked Harvest

Wanna know what makes people happy? Coconut and rum, that’s what. Serve this creamy White Christmas Mojito that is refreshing with lime and mint. Serve it in a chic cocktail glass, and watch your guests’ jaws drop.



Pomegranate Ginger Paloma

Image Half Baked Harvest

This modern take on the Paloma uses ginger beer instead of club soda, and it’s oh-so-gooood! It’s a gorgeous drink to serve, and you can triple the mix and put in a glass pitcher next to some ice and ginger beer so guests can easily serve themselves.



Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash

Image via My Diary Of Us

We love cocktails that suit any time of day, and this Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash is perfect for brunch or an evening get-together. That’s our idea of easy entertaining!



Spiked And Spicy Hot Chocolate

Image via Town and Country Magazine

You’ll never see us turn down spiked hot chocolate because 1) it tastes super amazing, and 2) we like to live a little! We like to fill our Danish mugs with this Spiked and Spicy Hot Chocolate. It’s flavourful with cinnamon and cayenne and a good dose of rum.



Mulled Wine

Image via Flourishing Foodie

A winter entertaining staple is mulled wine. It’s perfect to serve for informal or formal occasions, and we love how it makes the house smell. This particular mulled wine recipe by Flourishing Foodie is on the more earthy and mellow side, so it’s not so pungent and tart, which works really well when you’re serving a variety of appetizers.



Maple Whiskey Sour

Image via Gimme Some Oven

Whiskey sours take us back to our university days, but they’re actually a great cocktail to have at any age. Check out this lovely Maple Whiskey Sour that uses the sweetness of maple syrup and egg whites (an optional ingredient).



Chocolate White Russian 

Image via Basil And Bubbly

Your guests won’t be disappointed with this Chocolate White Russian from Basil and Bubbly. It’s so easy to make, you could probably do it with your eyes closed, although we don’t recommend it!



Spiced Amaretto Apple Cider

 Image via All These Drinks

There’s nothing like having apple cider on a cold winter’s day. It makes you feel all cozy and warm inside, especially with the addition of some yummy amaretto and rum. We love how this recipe for Spiced Amaretto Apple Cider calls for covering your cocktail glass rim with honey, sugar, and cinnamon. Wines Delivered-300x25

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  • Marie

    It’s not a party without good drinks! I’m going to try the White Christmas Mojito at my xmas eve party. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hit 🙂


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