How To Wow People With Gift Wrapping

  • December 22, 2017
Impress people with your gift wrapping skills.

Gift wrapping isn’t confined to just Christmas gifts under the tree. It’s a skill that you’ll use throughout the year for birthdays, celebrations, showers, and our favourite, surprises! 

We caught up with Corinna vanGerwen, one of North America’s most sought after gift stylists for advice on how to wow people with gift wrapping. She was kind enough to take the time from her busy schedule to share some styling tips with us.

Don’t forget to watch the video at the end for a cool tutorial on how to add a pocket to your gift!



Here are some tips on how to wow people with your gift wrapping skills. With expert advice from gift stylist Corinna vanGerwen

What details make people ooh and aah over gift wrapping?

An attention-grabbing gift is about both choice of materials and craftsmanship. Stunning papers and luxurious ribbons help with the wow factor — especially when thoughtfully combined — but tidy corners and a well-tied bow go miles to create that perfect package, even if you’re using the most basic materials.

If someone isn’t good at paper wrapping (like me!) what suggestions do you have for them?

If you’re not good at wrapping or don’t enjoy it, there’s no point in stressing out about it. Use gift bags or decorative boxes, and add ribbon or a fun topper. There are lots of stylish options available these days.

Image courtesy of Corinna vanGerwen


According to Corinna, the latest trends in gift wrapping are:

  • Dark, rich tones like wine red, midnight blue, hunter green, and black
  • Velvet
  • Layered textures
  • Antique or rose-gold accents
  • Also expect to see lots of Pantone’s colour of the year, Ultraviolet, in 2018


Elegant and modern gift styling tips from Corinna vanGerwen

Image courtesy of Corinna vanGerwen

You can see more of Corinna’s beautiful gift wrapping at her site,

Go For The Wow Factor

To really wow someone the moment they see their gift, Corinna says, “You’ll never go wrong with extra-wide double-faced satin ribbon. A big bow always captures people’s attention.”


To impress your boss or business associate:

  • Keep things simple and professional with plain-coloured paper or one with a subtle pattern, then add a coordinating ribbon
  • The company’s brand colours are always a good bet, or if you know their favourite colour, that can work, too


 For people close to you:

  • Make it personal and take their likes and dislikes into account
  • Choose materials in their favourite colours, with motifs and patterns they’ll like


Kraft paper makes simple yet beautiful gift wrap that can be personalized and is suitable for any occasion.


Here are some more gift styling tips:

  • Classic brown kraft paper is versatile and goes with everything. Pair with twine for a rustic look, contrast it against delicate lace ribbon, or combine with whatever ribbon is your favourite.
  • Layer two or more ribbons and use florals (either faux or real) and feathers as gift toppers
  • Pull paper tightly around the box so it doesn’t end up looking clunky and sloppy
  • Fold over exposed edges of the paper so it hides any crooked cuts
  • Make crisp, straight folds for a tidy look
  • Cut your ribbon ends cleanly so they don’t fray; fabric ribbons should be cut on an angle 


How to add a pocket to your gift:

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